The 14 Best Halloween Costumes from This Weekend

If there was an event this weekend, you better believe people went to it in costume. Darth Vader was in the crowd at the Rockets Game while a Roman Gladiator watched Agora burn. (How appropriate, that.) Houston Press's own Halloween Bash at House of Blues had some of the most creative costumes we've seen in a while. So we culled through all our photo this weekend to show you the 14 best Halloween ensembles. Bookmark it for ideas come next year. And f you saw a kick-ass costume, let us know about it in the comments.

14. Antoine Dodson

We knew a lot of people would be dressed as the bed intruder victim's outspoken brother, but this guy went the extra mile with the Wheaties box.

13. Mad Hatter

We must not have gotten the memo, because we saw at least three guys dressed like Johnny Depp's version of the Roald Dahl Lewis Carroll mischief maker.

12. Wonder Woman and Wolverine

If they mated: Can you image what this couple's kids would be like?

11. Kat Von D

Way hotter than slutty nurse/slutty cop/slutty Winnie the Pooh or whatever.

10. Thing 1 & Thing 2

Aww, how cute. Who do you think forced who to dress up this way?

9. The Chipmunks

It took us forever to figure out who these guys were, until we saw them as a trio.

8. Slave Leia and Jabba the Hutt

You know who's drooling all over this picture? That's right, Hutt fetishists.

7. Geico piggy


6. Oni-Con girl

We have no idea what anime character this girl is dressed up as, but we like it.

5. Double Rainbow!!!

You know your Youtube video has gone "all the way intense" when it becomes a Halloween costume. See also: Antoine Dodson.

4. Buzz Lightyear

To fully appreciate this guy's (mostly homemade) costume, you had to see it when the backpack unfolded into wings complete with flashing port and starboard lights. Also, he was about 7 feet tall in that thing.

3. Edward Scissorhands

One wonders how he ordered drinks.

2. Bender

Also homemade. And awesome.

1. Mars Attacks

A cool pop culture reference that feels nostalgic and is also not so meme-y that every one else would be wearing the same thing. Also, spot on for accuracy. But what's the deal with all the Tim Burton references this year?

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.