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The 2017 Houston Astros Are on Pace to Shatter a Ton of Team Records

Correa and Altuve have a chance to be one of the great middle infields in baseball history.
Correa and Altuve have a chance to be one of the great middle infields in baseball history. Screen grab from YouTube
I think, for the most part, the Houston Astros fan base was optimistic heading into this season. The team made some logical offseason moves (Brian McCann, Josh Roddick, Carlos Beltran), they had their core nucleus intact, and they were getting a healthy Dallas Keuchel. Even the odds-making community was bullish on the Astros, installing them at 16/1 to win the World Series, not bad for a team that fell short of expectations the previous season.

Needless to say, things have gone better than probably even the Astros expected. They're 60-29 at the figurative halfway point — the All-Star Game is Tuesday night — one of two teams, along with the Dodgers, to win 60 games before the break. More important, they've evolved into such a well-honed offensive machine that a) there is no one hitter who can go down with an injury and derail the season (last season, losing Springer, Altuve or Correa would have been death), and b) they've been able to withstand losing their ace, Dallas Keuchel, for more than a month and haven't skipped a beat.

So as I sit and watch Aaron Judge pile up about 100 home runs in this Home Run Derby, here are a collection of stats and interesting tweets on where the Astros stand statistically at the break:

TEAM OPS (On Base + Slugging Percentage)
.855   On Pace: .855   Record: .837 (2000)

.289   On Pace: .289   Record: .280 (1998)

Current: 148  On Pace: 269  Record: 249 (2000)

Current: 527  On Pace: 959  Record: 938 (2000)

Current: 197  On Pace: 359  Record: 326 (1998)

Current: 902  On Pace: 1,642  Record: 1,396 (2016)

Current: 27   On Pace: 49    Record: 47 (Jeff Bagwell, 2000)

Current: 1.67  On Pace: 1.67   Record: 1.69 (Nolan Ryan, 1981)

CHRIS DEVENSKI, WHIP (Walks + Hits / Innings Pitched)
Current: 0.835 On Pace: 0.835  Record: 0.914 (Chris Devenski, 2016)

CHRIS DEVENSKI, K/9 (Strikeouts per 9 innings)
Current: 12.65  On Pace: 12.65  Record: Octavio Dotel (12.43, 2001)

Above all of this, the Astros are on pace for a team record in the most important category —- 109 wins, which would break the team record of 102 in 1998.

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