The 4th Of July Is Coming: Break Out The Cameras And Win Prizes

The 4th of July is a holiday made for cameras, and we want to see your work.

Take your best pictures showing the essence of the 4th -- whether it's a backyard barbecue, fireworks, or a drunk uncle knocking over lawn furniture -- and upload them to the Houston Press Flickr pool by 8 a.m. Monday, July 5.

We suppose you'll be wanting prizes for your efforts. Did Thomas Jefferson ask for any prizes for his contributions to the 4th? No, he was happy with a little Sally Hemings.

But today is a different era, so prizes we got:

The first-place winner gets a nice bottle of wine and a $50 gift card from whichever restaurant they prefer: Yardhouse, Goode Company Barbecue or Kim Son.

Second prize is a $25 gift card from your choice of Frank's Pizza or Lucky's.

Third prize is, of course, you're fired.

Don't forget the "fireworks" setting on your camera; they all have them these days.

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