The 5 Oddest AstroWorld Items on eBay Right Now

AstroWorld may be gone as a physical entity, but it lives on in the hearts of Houstonians and in people trying to make a buck on eBay.

We took a look at the AstroWorld items currently up for auction, and found some odd stuff.

Like these five:

5. Swellegant cup and saucer
We think we saw m'lady sipping from one of these on Downton Abbey last week. Current price: $7.50

4. "Alpine Sleighs at Twilight" postcard
This is either the coolest or the creepiest postcard of AstroWorld ever. Looks more like Logan's Run than an Alps mountainside, though. Current price: $16.95

3. The sheriff from Tokyo
Two choices here: Either the picture on this mug is a) badly drawn or b) a visionary attempt to sell AstroWorld to the burgeoning Asian tourist economy of the 1960s. We're guessing a). Current price: $9.99

2. AstroWorld, bucolic eden
If you look closely enough, you can see the smoke-belching 18-wheeler roaring past on the South Loop. Current Price: $19.99

1. The Dome, before it got all pretentious
Remember when it was still a kid, and you could say, "More than 4 million people attend Astrodome each year!" ? Then it got all snooty and insisted on being called The Astrodome. Things were never the same. Current price: $7.99

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.