The 6 Top Regrets Students Have Once Finals Week Hits

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The M.D. Anderson Library at UH, only filled up during finals week!
Oh finals week, the time of year when students turn into zombies and energy drink companies make a killing. Some students aspire to do the bare minimum to squeeze out a C, some are going frantic trying to maintain their A. However, this is the week where all students kick themselves, asking themselves if they could've done more so they wouldn't be going paranoid about their final grade.

The answer is yes. Here's a list of the top six regrets students have come finals week.

6. Spending too much time on Facebook and Twitter It's funny how social media has consumed the lives of students. What's more important, paying attention in class or making sure your homegirl knows that the cookies she baked look soooooooo good? At the beginning of the year, it's the latter. Right now? Probably the former.

It's gotten to the point that Facebook and Twitter have become a necessary crutch to briefly escape from studying or paying attention in class. It becomes a brief break, turned into four hours of lollygagging.

Or, you can tell your friends and favorite celebrities to stop being interesting. Problem solved.

5. Writing illegible notes You could be the best student in the world, always showing up to class, always asking the best questions, etc. But, when you're absorbing every word and transcribing it to your notebook as fast as you can, you may ask yourself when you're studying for finals, "What the fuck did I just write?"

You go from the best student in the world, to a student that knows he's screwed when finals week comes around. It's a terrible feeling, like a punch to the stomach. All the hard work gone to waste because it looks like you wrote with your feet, blindfolded.

Get a laptop for next semester and print notes out, the first couple hundred pages you can print out is free on campus!

4. Skipping Class Some students have a crazed psyche, thinking that if they miss one day, they've missed the most vital information, thus not missing a single class day. Others value sleep.

By the end of the year, students try to study everything on the syllabus in hopes of salvaging the time not spent in the classroom. Some get lucky, most beg their professors for extra credit. By that time, the professor automatically identifies you as the kid that shows up every once in awhile.

Next semester, don't be that kid. 3. Not buying the textbook At the beginning of the year, students have this aura of confidence, thinking they don't need the textbook, they'll do fine without it. Plus, it's kinda expensive, so screw it.

When finals week lurks its head around, and your Amazon Prime account has expired, you're going to either wish you bought the book before, or you've got friends that want to share their book.

The book has a majority of the answers to your final, so buy it next time. Or, you can scour the Internet, hoping the answer to your question lies there. If it isn't there, buy a tissue box and cry, because you could be screwed.

2. Not forming a study group You know all the people around you when you sit down in the classroom? They're studying the same thing you are, so why not form a study group?

Once again, that aura of confidence described earlier could make a student believe that he or she doesn't need to form a study group, but there are way too many benefits in forming one. One, you've got study buddies. Two, you've got a contact just in case you miss a day. Three, you can have some dope adventures while studying.

1. Procrastinating We've all had that professor who doesn't care when you turn something in, as long as it's turned in before the last official day of classes. So, instead of actually doing the homework or essay, you waste a couple hours on YouTube finding the next big viral video (kapooyah, kapooyah!!!).

Then, the time you should be spending studying for your final, you're doing the work the professor gave you all semester to do and you ultimately bomb the exam.

Procrastination is like a drug to students, you just gotta do it, I mean, everyone else is! Don't be like everyone else, be the one that creates change. Be the one that does their work on time!

Or, watching cat videos on YouTube is fine as well.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.