The 6 Worst Air-Show Disasters: A Video Collection, Just in Time for Wings Over Houston

Next time you go to an air show, take a look at the fine print on the ticket. Besides the usual stuff about acts of God and "Promoter not responsible if the frontman doesn't show due to injecting Drano into his balls," there's something else. It says they're really, really not to blame if some fiery wreckage falls from the sky and turns your entire family into a small pile of smoldering embers.

The Wings Over Houston Airshow -- a tradition at Ellington Field going back to its days as an active air force base -- has never had such a tragedy as happened at the Reno Air Races last month. And as far as we know, has never even come close. However, you never know when the Hand of God might knock his fork off the table.

So lacking any fiery airshow holocaust footage from local sources, we dug up -- we hesitate to call them "favorites" -- but some of the worst from around the world, including some that had relatively tiny death tolls, but were just plain unforgivable for one reason or another:

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Mel Sharkskin