The Art Guys Take Notsuoh To New York

Photo by John Powers

If you go to Jim Pirtle’s Notsuoh now through October, you *might* notice some stuff missing. But then again, there’s so much in there, maybe not.

The Art Guys brought Notsuoh to CUE Foundation in New York after being asked to curate a show there. “This exhibition is a small sliver of Jim’s physical philosophies,” they write in the exhibition’s brochure, “transported to New York via bus, complete with some of the dust, cigarette burns, and personalities collected in its wake.” That’s right – in addition to objects from Notsuoh, they brought some denizens to the opening last week in NYC.

The show also features Pirtle’s artworks and documentation of his performance art. Pirtle went through a serious polyester phase, wearing only polyester for seven years. He also painted on the polyester, and several of those paintings are on view.

There’s an interesting essay in the show’s brochure by Pirtle called “Rats in cages or why I don’t hurt myself with my art anymore.” As has been documented extensively, as his alter-ego Stu Mulligan, Pirtle did things like drink hot sauce and mayo and then make himself barf while singing “Close to You.” The essay is about how he’d first made himself barf as a kid trying to get out of school, and how he thinks he’s finally outgrown that feeling of being trapped.

So although the opening must have been a good party, we don’t think the gallery-goers were served any barf omelets.

Cathy Matusow

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