The Astrodome -- The Pictures

We told you early this morning about the new documentary being put together on the Astrodome, and the search for family photos and film to go into it.

Computer gremlins kept us from posting pictures the producers sent us, but that problem's been resolved. So here are some shots from Cecil E. Burdick, Jr. of the swellegance of the Dome.

All photos courtesy Cecil E. Burdick, Jr.

Sure, some of the hoi polloi might be hanging out in the concession areas, waiting for the Beer Night light to go red so they could storm the concession stands, but there was a statelier place to get your drink on in the Dome. And the color scheme was red. Very, very red.

Fine dining was also available -- note the classy trim on the dining-room table. AND YES WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE TABLE. It's what -- Victorian? Greek? Regency? Probably a combination of all three. A very classy combination of all three.

Yes, you can actually see right through the Dome roof. This was the period where it was plexiglass, so they could grow grass in there. Yes, it is also as dim as a medieval dungeon. Perhaps that's why they discovered they couldn't grow grass in there.

If you're going to record the history of the new space-age Dome, you're gonna need a space-age car to do it. Lots of chrome, useless bumpers, and -- we're guessing -- a sharp-edged, metallic dashboard designed to pierce the ribcage of any front-seat passenger in the slightest collision. They don't make cars like that anymore. Or Domes.

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