The Astros Host (Gay) Pride Night, And World Somehow Survives

Did you notice something unusual at Minute Maid Park Saturday night?

Besides the Astros actually winning a game, we mean.

It was Pride at the Park Night, and more than 1,000 members of Houston's GLBT community were there to watch Carlos Lee go 1-for-4.

The event was the Astros' idea, says Trevor Eade, who co-chaired the event.

"They came to us," he said, "and asked if we'd be interested in doing something."

Two companies -- Shell and Continental -- donated their superboxes for GLBT employees, he said.

While Eade was extremely happy with the results, there was some grumbling. "This was a bust...they did not announce that it was The Gay Men's Chorus and Bayou City Women's Chourus singing the National Anthem. They gave them another name 'Bayou City _______ Choir,'" one attendee e-mailed us. "Mayor [Annise] Parker threw out the second pitch, some guy with Bank of America threw out the first pitch. I never heard the announcer acknowledge the group as they do for other large sales."

Eade doesn't think the Astros downplayed the event, since the Pride group was one of a dozen group-sales organizations attending that night. He also says the "Bayou City Chorale" is the name used when the men's and women's choruses perform together.

"I'm not a believer in ramming things all over people's faces," he said. "If we had put things all over the Jumbotron all night with 'Pride' in them -- that wasn't the agenda."

Eades said the event showed "Yes, we can blend in with the community."

As for the relatively rare Astros win, he had an explanation for that too: "It took a bit of fairy dust being scattered about," he said.

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