The Astros Limbo (No, Not Purgatory. We're Talking About That Game with the Pole.)

It’s time for the Astros update. But words seem to be escaping me.

So here are some numbers:

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Final score: Brewers 11, Astros 5.

Number of Craig Biggio hits: 1.

Number of Craig Biggio hits to 3,000: 3.

Number of Milwaukee Brewer runs scored in the bottom of the 6th inning: 9.

Number of home runs surrendered by Rick White in the bottom of the 6th inning: 2.

Number of grand slams surrendered by Rick White in the bottom of the 6th inning: 1.

Number of Luke Scott home runs last night: 2.

Number of Brad Ausmus home runs: 1.

Number of games that the Houston Astros are now behind the Milwaukee Brewers: 13.

Number of games that the Houston Astros have dropped below .500: 13.

Yeah, it’s pitiful. But I just really don’t know what to say. Or what to write. Whenever I think that this team can’t go much lower, it surprises me and does. I can’t even get mad at Phil Garner about last night’s game. Sure he left Wandy Rodriguez in too long. But what else could he do? Go the bullpen? We all know how well the bullpen’s done lately. And you saw what happened when he did go the pen. When you long to see Trever Miller come trotting out to the mound, you know that the bullpen is really, really bad.

The Astros are now 32-45 on the season, and 10-14 for the month of June. There are four games left in the month and there’s still a chance for the Astros to finish the month 14-14. But I’m not counting on this happening.

Woody Williams will try to play the role of stopper today – HAH! He faces Jeff Suppan in a game that’s supposed to start at 1:05.

How low can they go, people? How low can they go? -- John Royal

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