The Astros, Making Sure That Their Rare Young Talent Stays Hidden

One would think that infielder Edwin Maysonet might be a little pissed about the Astros sending him back down to the minor leagues on Saturday night. He would be justified, seeing as how all he did was play excellent defense at second and third base, while showing off some good range and the ability to get on base while hitting a decent average. It's what one expects from a baseball player, after all, and it's generally something that's rewarded. 

But this is the Houston Astros we're talking about.   

When Kaz Matsui returned from the disabled list, Maysonet was assigned a spot on the Astros bench. It's not that he was being punished, it's just that Astros management are idiots. Then Geoff Blum recovered from his latest injury.   

"He's done exactly what we've needed him to do," manager Cecil Cooper said about Maysonet to the media on Friday night. "He hasn't not played well. It's just that the role has been diminished, because guys have become healthy, the guys that were supposed to be out there playing are playing."    

Yep, that's right. Maysonet didn't play bad. He just needed to sit down because Matsui and Blum were healthy, and they were the guys who were supposed to be playing. Never mind that Maysonet's numbers are far superior to both of those guys. Never mind that Maysonet's younger. Never mind that, unlike these two guys, Maysonet doesn't have to go on the disabled list every week because he dares to sneeze. Never mind that his defense is better, or that he has better range. 

None of that matters. What matters is that a couple of old guys who really suck are the guys who are supposed to be playing because they've got the big contracts, so they're going to play. 

There is some good news for Maysonet. He gets to go back down to Round Rock where he'll actually get to play some baseball instead of being stuck on the bench behind some fossils. Second, seeing as how it's Matsui and Blum that are playing, it's probable that Maysonet will be back in the Astros starting lineup by the end of the week -- there are 100-year-olds in nursing homes who aren't as fragile as these two guys -- as they're likely to soon be back on the disabled list. Finally, seeing the present group running the Astros, it's likely that Maysonet will soon find himself traded to a team that really wants him in exchange for another washed-up middle infielder.   

So in the end, things will work out for Maysonet, so he really shouldn't be pissed. It's the Astros fans who should be pissed because it's the Astros fans who are stuck with watching old, fragile fossils like Geoff Blum and Kaz Matsui try and play baseball while a young guy with talent is stuck in the minors.

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