The Bachelorette Kicks Houstonian's Ass

Recent additions to the list of Things We Did Not Know:

1) The Bachelorette is still on TV.

2) There was a Houston guy competing to be whatever it is you compete to be on The Bachelorette.

3) He lost.

Not only that, but the guy he lost to is "a snake," meaning, we guess, someone who does not have the requisite class needed to appear on a cheesy "reality" show and bare your feelings in a shameless attempt to get some D-List Celeb-level publicity.

The Hollywood Gossip website reports that Houstonian "Sasha got the boot from Jillian Harris on The Bachelorette ... which was a little confusing as they seemed to get along great. Oh well, so life goes."

Much more nuanced commentary on this shocking development is available from Entertainment Weekly's website, which has an extensive Q&A with Sasha Petrovic, a 27-year-old "oil and gas consultant" from our fair city.

It turns out Petrovic is crushed by developments, especially since he told the presumably skanky titular fame-ho The Bachelorette all about the emotions that happened to him after he crashed his car a while back.

Here goes:

On the show everything gets squished in. Our conversation at dinner was pretty long. In between, we were doing interviews, and we had another 20-minute conversation. Opening up for me was important. It was important for me that Jillian understand who I was. That experience transformed me. As a result, I appreciate a lot of things that others don't.

When she said, "I can't give you the rose" and the reason, I was surprised. I talked about my expectations and how I cherished that love portion of it, so I have probably been in love and had my heart broken based on other people's criteria, but, for me, I hold it at a higher level.

(New game show!! Anyone who can make a lick of sense out of that italicized sentence wins....ummmm....a career as an oil-and-gas consultant!!)

Anyway, we would have been rooting fiercely for the home-town boy, if we a) knew he was involved in the show, and b) had gobbled enough Xanax and vodka to actually turn it on and watch it.

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Richard Connelly
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