The Backlash Begins

Laura Elder, a business writer for the Galveston County Daily News, writes

in her blog

about a conversation with Michael Gaido, whose family owns what is probably the island's most famous restaurant.

Gaido bitches about television coverage leading up to Edouard's arrival, and Elder sympathizes:

Tropical Storm Edouard was never expected to be a monster, to anybody except the media, who were in disaster mode. Police reporter Sara McDonald reported seeing 14 live remote trucks between 45th and 69th streets on the Seawall. Over kill?

Fourteen live trucks? Just how many shots of tepid waves do people need?

Everyone complains about TV coverage of potential hurricanes, of course. But if the hype keeps going -- turning a tropical storm/possible cat 1 hurricane into Katrina Redux -- than at some point people are going to stop paying attention. They'll simply remember TV reporters out there talking about swaying trees as if it was evidence of a real storm.

And then you might see a real disaster.

-- Richard Connelly

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