The Battle Over Red-Light Cameras Goes On....And On

If you thought all the clamor over red light cameras was over, think again.

So far, most of the battling has been over the release of a Rice University professor's report, which seemingly contradicted a Texas A&M report. Then folks on both sides of the issue began squabbling about which report was more scientific, accurate, and so on. (For a good recap, check out the second item listed for January 4 at bloghouston.)

Now, the same lawyer who sued the city to obtain a copy of the Rice report after the city had refused to release it, is trying to get the city to fork over its raw data concerning red light cameras and accidents to do his own study. Attorney Randall Kallinen tells Hair Balls he is working with city officials, "but right now they're not wanting to give us anything."

Once the Rice report finally was released, says Kallinen, "that only opened up more questions." He says the reason he wants to do his own study is because he believes both reports are lacking.

Kallinen says that his lawsuit may have precipitated the release of the Rice report, but
what he really wants are the hard facts and figures.

"Why won't they give us the data and the criteria they used?" Kallinen wonders.

We here at Hairballs have a feeling Kallinen will get to the bottom of this.

-- Chris Vogel


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