The Bronx Bar Somehow Has Never Heard A Complaint Against It

Our item a while back on a black Army officer being refused admittance to the Rice Village's Bronx Bar stirred up some controversy, with a lot of people telling of similar incidents.

Among the comments added to the piece was one from The Bronx Bar Group, presumably the owners or managers of the place, who refused to answer any questions from us.

Part of what they said:

The Bronx Bar Group was very concerned to hear about the allegations made against our establishment. We take all allegations made against us with the utmost seriousness and attention. These allegations have been promptly and thoroughly investigated and lack merit and substance...The Bronx Bar has been serving its customers proud in the Rice Village for over 11 years and has never had any previous complaints made against our establishment.

It's a bit of an odd statement -- they take all allegations against them seriously, although the place "has never had any previous complaints made against" it.

More importantly, that second part -- about no previous complaints -- is news to the Better Business Bureau.

In October 2007 the BBB got this complaint:

This place now blatantly has racist issues. They deny service to anyone of a non-Caucasian decent....My friends were in proper attire, legal of age, and sober. The only reason they weren't let in is because they weren't white. The owner continued to let other white people in but denied entry to my friends and other people who were outside and were minorities -- African American, Hispanics, Asian etc.This has been a problem for a while.

The complaint also included links to similar allegations that had been posted on various web sites.

The result?

"This is a complaint that was processed in 10/07 and the company was notified twice about the complaint," the BBB's Stacey Fletcher tells Hair Balls. "We still have not received a response from the company as of today."

That's because the Bronx Bar has never had a complaint, Ms. BBB.

Or at least not one they've acknowledged.

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