The Bryan Police-Chief Scandal Gets Stranger, Unless You Think Black-Eye Sex Is Normal

Since we wrote about wife-fighting city officials in Bryan, the story has gotten weird, and it raises the question, is it worth covering up a domestic brawl by claiming that the black eye happened during sex?

According to media reports and a courthouse source who's an Official Hair Balls Pal, here's what's happened:

Someone inside the Bryan Police Department leaked a report from the investigation that included details that contradicted the initial version of the story.

The document reported that the police chief's wife, Cindy Morrow, told investigators that the chief hit her in the face earlier this year, causing a broken nose and two black eyes.

She recently told a Bryan-College Station television station that she got the black eyes during sex.

In the leaked report, Cindy Morrow also said that on the night of the recent fight, her husband threw her into the wall "like some common criminal" then put her in handcuffs.

When the report was published by a television station, Cindy Morrow responded with a letter.

"I don't remember much about the confrontations that took place on November 22 - 23, 2008," she wrote. "What I do remember is that I was very intoxicated. In an intoxicated state, I made statements to the police that were not true."

Our courthouse source in Bryan notes that police officer Steve French was recently fired from the department for using excessive force. Morrow later testified in an arbitration hearing, saying that he couldn't trust French.

The firing and the chief's testimony caused hard feelings toward Morrow within the police department and administration, the source says, and it could have caused someone to leak the report, parts of which were cut and pasted together.

The Bryan City Council will discuss the case on Tuesday, and the city hired an outside firm to investigate the way the police department has handled the case, once the police department's investigation into Morrow is complete.

-- Paul Knight

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