The Chronicle Bids Adieu To The Free Weekly TV Section

Houston, you only have a few weeks left to enjoy your free weekly TV section in the Sunday paper. This announcement applies only to the few dozen people who still do so, most of them looking for Matlock reruns.

The Houston Chronicle announced this weekend it is joining the hosts of dailies who are giving up the TV section and handing the job over to NTVB Media, a Michigan company.

Way back before the net, TV sections were a key part of a newspaper subscription. True connoisseurs, of course, got their listings, features and third-grade-level crossword puzzles from the TV Guide, but the local paper's section was a solid second choice.

Nowadays, no one but your grandmother gets their TV info from a Sunday section. And if grandma wants to keep getting it, she's going to pay through the nose.

Starting May 2, if you want a TV section with your Sunday Chron, you're going to have to subscribe to TV Weekly. And it ain't cheap.

There's a bargain rate for Chron subscribers -- a mere $39 a year. (It's $91 for non-subscribers.)

We're sure they will be glad to automatically renew your subscription via credit card, so no need to worry about missing any issues!!

Here's what you get, according to their website:

* 44 pages - with more content
* News and Q&A about your favorite celebrities
* Glossy cover
* Cable conversion chart
* Puzzles, quizzes, Sudoku
* Convenient and comprehensive program grids with daily highlights and games in every issue!
* Larger, easier to read typeface
* Full-color horoscope and this week's celebrity birthday

This week's celebrity birthday and a glossy cover? Cheap at twice the price!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.


Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.