The Chronicle, Covering And Donating To The USS George H.W. Bush

The aircraft carrier named after George H.W. Bush got commissioned over the weekend, as you would know if you glanced at the Houston Chronicle, which covered the event like it was the most important thing since George H.W. Bush's last parachute jump.

Maybe their orders came from on high, though: the paper's parent company, Hearst, donated $100,000 to the ship's building.

They managed to do this even as they were putting hundreds of journalists out of work by closing the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, but priorities are priorities.

Private entities and people can donate to ships such as the Bush to finance amenities like libraries and chapels, and to alleviate the costs of the commissioning ceremony.

Hearst wasn't the only donor with a local connection.

Mattress Mac, who took out an ad stretching across two full pages in the Sunday paper lauding Bush for the commissioning, also donated $100,000, according to the Virginia Pilot.

Others include Houstonian Hushang Ansary, former finance minister of Iran and a Bush buddy who serves on his presidential museum's board (he gave $500,000); Susan & Tom Friedkin and Debra & Dan Friedkin, big deals in Toyota, also from Houston, who gave $100,000.

We're glad these folks could be so generous; we're also very glad to learn of the Hearst donation, because it explains a deep mystery that had been bugging us: to be specific, why was the Chron devoting so much prime space to this non-story?

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.