The Chronicle Cuts: Jeff Cohen Ain't Talking

Today's Chronicle carnage is for the most part limited to the advertising/circulation side (Check out the comments on our updated master list of cuts for some unconfirmed names on that side), but the buzz is still about yesterday's bloodbath.

We figured it'd be a good idea to talk to Chron editor Jeff Cohen, who never addressed the troops yesterday (except by memo) even as morale crashed in the newsroom.

We e-mailed the usually accessible Cohen to set up a time for an interview, and got this back:

Rich, Thanks for writing. It's not a good day to talk. All of my attention is focused on our journalists and continuing to cover this complex city. The best thing I can urge you to do is buy the newspaper and enjoy the good and important work. Be well, Jeff

We wrote back to ask if that meant "no comment" or "Let's do it tomorrow, maybe" and haven't heard back.

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