The Chronicle Makes A Promise

Tomorrow is D-Day at the Houston Chronicle, when heavy layoffs get announced.

We can't imagine having to go to work wondering every second if you're going to get that tap on your shoulder or that ominous e-mail asking you to report to HR, so our thoughts go out to the people at 801 Texas.

But even dire times will not keep the Chron from being the Chron. They're putting together a hip new blog for the kidz -- blogging to the extreme!!!!! -- called 29/95, or whatever Houston's longitude and latitude are. Because nothing says "edgy" to the youngsters these days like longitude and latitude.

Anyway, above is the dummy page for registering for it.

Note the in-your-faceness of it all. We can hardly stand it it is so out there, man.

Also notice the fine print. Which, if you can't read it, says "We promise not to fuck with you."

Duuuuudes. Tres cool. Or maybe just a dummy page that was never intended for use.

We'll see soon.

Update: We aren't tech-savvy enough to use "dummy page" properly; we're told this page was an actual e-mail solicitation page that was live on the web. For a while.

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