The Chronicle Takes Middle Road on Controversial Doonesbury Strips

This week's Doonesbury strips deal with the Texas law mandating sonograms for women seeking abortions.

Many newspapers around the country are refusing to run the strips, which compare what the law requires to "rape" at one point.

Some are moving the strip to the op-ed page, or just putting it online where kids won't stumble across it because if there's one thing we know, kids these days are more likely to read the print edition of the paper instead of the online version.

The Houston Chronicle is deciding to do a little bit of everything.

If you look for your Doonesbury fix in print, you'll see a note from editor Jeff Cohen.

This week's strips will be found online and on the op-ed page, he says.

"We believe the subject matter of this week's strip by Garry Trudeau -- a woman's visit to a Texas abortion clinic -- crosses the line for what is appropriate commentary on the comics pages," he writes.

Thank goodness the children will be protected.

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