The Chron's Clifford Pugh Lands On His Feet, Locally

We called the axing of Chronicle features writer Clifford Pugh the most surprising in the recent round of cuts at the paper, and we have to say -- either he's got a lot of fans, or every single one of them decided to leave a comment on the various Chron threads about him.

There's further news, though -- he's landed on his feet.

Pugh will be the new columnist for the Examiner group of weekly papers, which cover River Oaks, Bellaire and Meyerland (Otherwise known as "Pugh Territory," in terms of the society and fashion coverage he specializes in).

"Clifford is a great storyteller with a passionate following in our communities and throughout Houston," Charlotte Aguilar, Examiner editor, said in a release. "We're delighted to offer him a new home to hang his byline, so to speak."

And from the man himself: "Even before this opportunity came about, I regularly looked for the Examiner on my lawn every Thursday because it always gave me information about my neighborhood that I can't get in any other Houston publication or on TV,"  Pugh said. "The newspapers that are going to survive in these tough times are those that are relevant. And the Examiner surely is."

Take that, Chronicle.

At any rate, we can't say we've heard a bad word about Pugh, so congrats for the new gig.

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