The City Started Painting a Downtown Bike Lane Saturday

City workers began slapping some green paint on Lamar Street just east of Sam Houston Park Saturday, marking what will ultimately be the city's first dedicated bike lane.

Over the next few weekends workers will build the lane in tiers, ultimately ending at Discovery Green. The lane will be painted a bright, electric green, with plastic humps separating cyclists from the remaining three lanes of car traffic.

It's long been time the city add a bike lane bridging the east and west sides of downtown. As it stands, there's currently nothing connecting the Buffalo Bayou trails to the west with the Columbia Tap trail that runs along the east side of downtown, which ultimately connects to the Brays Bayou trail that runs past the Med Center. Cyclists that currently want to hop from trail to trail have to cross downtown on the street, navigating traffic in Frogger-like fashion, or take the sidewalks and risk being harangued by cops.

This trail will fix that. It will also help ensure the city's sprawling trails aren't isolated ecosystems, but rather interconnected routes that cyclists can use to safely travel across the city. It will also make a small sliver of downtown a hell of a lot more bikeable.

Officials say the lane should be open by mid to late March, just in time for perfect biking weather. Happy riding, Houston.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.