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The College Football Preview, Week 11: Sorry, Charlize, I'm Just Not Feeling It...

I’ve got to confess, I’m not really up to the College Football Preview this week. I’m not up to trying to match the games to

sexy women

, or

my favorite TV shows

. And I’m not even sure if anyone besides my editor reads this.

So, no cute stuff this week. I’m going to make this short. I’m going to make this quick.

The best game of the week is actually a toss-up between two games. In the first, (10) Georgia (7-2) is hosting (18) Auburn (7-3). Georgia is trying for a four-game winning streak. Auburn has won six of the last seven with Georgia. Georgia is still in contention for a BCS Bowl Game.

The other game I’m recommending is (12) USC (7-2) going up against (24) Cal (7-3). Last month, Cal was nearly the number one team in the country. Now it’s barely ranked. Not only is USC not the number one team in the country, it’s not even the number one team in the PAC-10. But USC is currently set for a BCS Bowl, and Cal’s just set for a Bowl Game.

For any of you who want to watch a possible upset, I’ve once again got two games for you. First up is the nation’s number one team, Ohio State (10-0), hosting Illinois (7-3). Ohio State is undefeated, but it hasn’t impressed in any of its games. It was losing to Wisconsin in the third quarter last week before getting it together. Illinois is heading for its first bowl game since 2001, and 2001 just happens to be the last year Illinois defeated Ohio State.

The second possible upset is (5) Kansas (9-0) visiting Oklahoma State. This is the best season in nearly a century for Kansas. And Kansas beat Nebraska 76-39 last week. A win this week, and upsets of Ohio State and LSU could push Kansas to number one in the country. Oklahoma State has a powerful offense, and it had a 21-point lead going into the fourth quarter against the Horns last week. But the OSU defense gave up 24 fourth quarter points for the loss.

But Oklahoma State is better than most of the teams Kansas has played this season. And it can be argued that most of the teams Oklahoma State has played this season are better than Kansas. Kansas should win, but Oklahoma State has shown that it can score on just about anybody. If its defense can actually stop Kansas, Oklahome State can win. That's doubtful, but it is possible.

Other, non-Texas based games of interest include (13) Michigan (8-2) at Wisconsin (7-3). Michigan is tied with Ohio State for first place in the Big 10 and a win this week sets it up for a BCS Bowl and the big game against Ohio State. Wisconsin nearly upset Ohio State last week, but couldn’t hold on.

No. 9 Arizona State (8-1) is visiting UCLA (5-4). Arizona State was undefeated before losing to Oregon last week. And it’s still got a game left with USC. UCLA has been up and down this season. Here’s a trivia question for you: What’s the only team to lose to Notre Dame this season? If you said UCLA, you guessed right. (Keith, give them a prize, will you?)

The joke contest of the week is (2) LSU taking on Louisiana Tech. LSU is 16-1 all-time against Louisiana Tech. This just says slaughter.

And for you perverts out there, may I suggest Air Force taking on Notre Dame? Air Force is bowl eligible. And Notre Dame is on pace to give up the most points in school history.

As for games involving Texas-based schools, may I suggest the University of Houston (6-3) taking on Tulsa (6-3)? UH has the lead in C-USA West. The second place team is Tulsa. A win on Saturday clinches the division for the Coogs. Tulsa doesn’t play much defense, and the UH likes to score. For any of you who are interested, the guesses from the experts are that the UH will be going to either the PapaJohns.com Bowl in Birmingham or the Liberty Bowl in Memphis. After this week, the Coogs will play Marshall and TSU, then if it wins the C-USA West, the C-USA title game.

The yawn games of the week include Rice at SMU. SMU went 6-6 last season. Rice went to a bowl game. What a difference a year makes. The other yawn game is UTEP at Tulane. UTEP lost to Rice last week, but it’s still hoping to make a bowl game. If nothing else has told you there are too many bowl games, that should.

The White Flag Before the Game Even Starts has to be Baylor at (4) Oklahoma. When I was a kid, back when there was a Southwest Conference, Baylor was an elite team. That was a long time ago.

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The Aggies are taking on (7) Missouri (8-1). Coach Fran says he’s still the coach. But he’s probably officially done on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

To finish out my preview, I need to note that Texas Tech (7-3) is playing (15) Texas (8-2). Somebody needs to tell UT that there are four quarters in a game, else they’re going to wait too long before deciding to play. The Horns have spent the past two weeks taking quarters one through three off, then staging huge fourth quarter comebacks. The problem is that Tech has the firepower to put up a lead that not even UT can come back from. This could be a very good game.

It could also be pretty bad.

And that’s your preview for this weekend. – John Royal

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