The College Football Preview, Week 12: Now with 84 Percent Fewer References to Erin Andrews

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Okay, I’ve been informed that the way to get hits is to mention

Erin Andrews and Playboy

. But that would be wrong. Just wrong. And I don’t do wrong. So, I’m not going to go mentioning Erin Andrews and


. I’m just not going to do it.

So let’s put that aside and get to the college football games for this weekend.

But do you know what? I really don’t care about the college games this weekend. None of the games are really that exciting, and, well, I’m on a jet plane to Amsterdam this weekend – no, I’m not going for the Cannabis Cup – and I’m not going to be seeing any of the games anyway. But, if any of you are home and watching this weekend, here’s a little preview.

The biggest game of the week, nationally, isn’t really that big anymore, and it’s (7) Ohio State going up against (23) Michigan. Sure, it’s a great rivalry game, but because both teams decided to lose last week, essentially costing Ohio State a chance for the national title, the game’s really for nothing more than bragging rights and a trip to the Rose Bowl. Watch if you have to, but there’s got to be something better somewhere.

Oh, and if you think Mike Leach was paranoid about the officiating, check out the talk coming from last week’s Ohio State/Illinois game.

(22) Kentucky at (8) Georgia could be better. Once again, neither of these two teams is going to play for the national title, but the teams in the SEC play better football than those teams in the Big 10. So watch this game if you can.

Games with national title implications include Missouri at Kansas State. Missouri’s number five in the BCS standings, and it needs this win to stay in the race for the title. Missouri’s also looking for its second 10-win season in school history. And if Missouri gets past this game, it must then defeat Kansas. After beating Kansas, it will need to win the Big 12 Title Game. At that point, Missouri might get the chance to play for the national title.

Speaking of Kansas…Kansas is third in the BCS standings. It’s playing Iowa State. Kansas needs this win. Then it needs to defeat Missouri, then it needs to win the Big 12 Title Game, and then maybe it gets to play for the national title.

That is if Oklahoma, which is four in the BCS, doesn’t advance. Oklahoma plays Texas Tech this weekend. And Tech coach Mike Leach was hit with a record fine this week for his conspiracy theory rant about the Big 12 refs. And if Oklahoma beats Tech, it needs to beat Oklahoma State, then will need to beat either Missouri or Kansas, then it might get to play for the national title.

Of course, the number one team LSU is playing Mississippi. If it wins this game, and beats Arkansas next week, and wins the SEC Title Game, it will get to play for the national title. Probably.

And don’t forget about Oregon. Though, after last night’s loss to Arizona, the Duck can probably forget about any shot of playing for the national title.

As for games in Texas, well, the Coogs will be trying to overcome last week’s humiliating loss to Tulsa. They’re playing a two-win Marshall team that is not coached by Matthew McConaughey. The Coogs are 6-4, and are bowl eligible. But a win this week should pretty much clinch a second straight bowl game. Rice is playing Tulane, and both teams are trying to earn win number four on the season.

Oklahoma State needs to beat Baylor to clinch a bowl berth. And if Oklahoma State can’t beat Baylor, well, it just doesn’t deserve to go to a bowl game. And speaking of bowl games, TCU can still go to a bowl if it beats UNLV. And UTEP can just forget about any bowl game, even if it does beat Southern Mississippi.

Next weekend should be better for college football, what with all of the rivalry games. You’ve just got to make it through this weekend. – John Royal

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