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The College Football Preview, Week 13: Nick Saban Is a Turkey

Forget about looking at the AP Rankings for this week. They no longer count. The only number that truly counts is the BCS Ranking. For it’s the placement in the BCS which tells us who’ll play for the mythical college football championship. And after Oregon and Oklahoma were upset last week, the number of teams in the running to play in the game shrunk.

Kind of.

Which brings us to the Turkey Weekend college football match-ups.

Sure, the Horns are playing the Aggies. But really, except for a few orange bloods and maroon booger pickers, does anybody really care about this game? Really. Come on. What’s it matter? The Horns aren’t going to be playing for the national championship. And a win’s not going to save Coach Fran’s job.

So why bother watching? Except for you being so stuffed full of turkey that you can’t even reach for the remote to find something else.

That something else should be Arkansas at LSU. Sure, Arkansas isn’t ranked, but if Arkansas can find a way to beat LSU, just think of how screwed up the BCS will be? Why, even Ohio State might be able to find someway to get back into the thing.

And Thursday night will bring us USC versus Arizona State. Sure, both teams are playing for the right to get to a better bowl game, but none of them are in the running for the BCS Title Game. Of course, this game will be better than the other big Thanksgiving night football production, Colts versus Falcons.

And what about that other great rivalry game, Auburn v. Alabama? Well, Alabama has already faced the equivalent of Pearl Harbor and 9/11, so there’s just no way a game with Auburn can compare. Is it too much to ask that Saban be put out of our misery along with Coach Fran? Please?

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The most entertaining game of the weekend will be Friday night as Boise State takes on Hawaii. Two teams that like to score. Two teams looking to move up high enough so that they must be invited to a BCS bowl game.

Houston will be hosting two games on Saturday. Tulsa will be at Rice Stadium as the Owls try to get revenge over former coach Todd Graham, who’s now the head guy at Tulsa. And if Rice can somehow find a way to beat Tulsa, the Cougars will be in the position to win the C-USA West. That is if the Coogs can find a way to beat TSU at Robertson Stadium.

But Cougars aside, the biggest game of the weekend will be Missouri at Kansas. Missouri is the number three BCS team. Kansas is the number two game. The loser can probably forget about playing for the title. The winner will still have to get past the Big 12 title game.

This has been a season of upsets in college football. So who will be the upset victim this week? – John Royal

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