The College Football Review, Week 13: Why You Gotta Be Hatin' on the Coogs?

Wow, Missouri versus West Virginia, January 7, 2008, for all of the marbles.

That just doesn’t get the juices flowing, does it? Not like USC/Texas. Hell, Florida/Ohio State had more juices flowing last year than does this potential game. But they’re the one and two teams in the BCS rankings. So if they hold on and win this weekend, they’re playing for the national title.

Yet, Ohio State could still get another chance to be embarrassed in the title game. And Oklahoma could still get a chance. As could Georgia. Or USC. Or LSU. As could a bunch of teams that just have not lived up to the hype this year.

The good news, for those who like underdogs, is that Hawaii has moved into the 12 spot in the BCS rankings, which means that if things finish this way after next weekend, Hawaii gets to go to a BCS bowl. And Hawaii could embarrass one of the big name schools just like Boise State made a fool of Oklahoma last bowl season.

We can dream. Can’t we?

But I know one team that isn’t in the BCS hunt. Texas. The mighty Horns found a way to lose to Coach Fran’s Aggies yet again. Hey, Mack Brown, I hear Houston has a spot available to an undeserving Big 12 team for the Texas Bowl.

Speaking of the Texas Bowl, that’s where the 8-4 Houston Cougars will be playing come December. And it’s nice to see that instead of celebrating Saturday’s game and the bowl invitation, a very bitter Richard Justice once again decides to go on attack against the school and the fans. Look, Justice, I’m sorry that the Coogs aren’t the Horns. I’m sorry that we don’t have the millions necessary to buy a mediocre football coach. Or that we don’t have the millions necessary to buy ourselves into a major conference. I’m sorry that our stadium doesn’t have the same press accommodations of UT. I’m really sorry that UT is so damn afraid to play UH in any sporting event.

So, tell me Richard, just what are you afraid of, huh? That the Coogs will kick your butt just like they used to do back in the days of the Southwest Conference? And if Vince Young would’ve played for the Coogs, he might be able to throw a spiral by now. And I doubt that if Vince had played for the Coogs, he would’ve been sitting on the bench behind a kid who’s only qualification for the job was that his dad was a famous pro QB.

I think, though, that what I really want to know is why the Chron had the bitter Justice write the story about the Coogs going to the Texas Bowl and not Michael Murphy, the UH beat writer for the Chron?

Well, since Justice won’t give UH its due, I will. Congrats Coogs. And here’s to kicking the ass of some mediocre Big 12 school. Maybe they’ll get the chance to embarrass Coach Fran and his Aggies. -- John Royal

UPDATE: Yes, I know that the link to the story about the Cougar bowl appearance now goes to a story written by Murphy. But when I originally wrote this, the story was written by Justice. Please excuse my error. But the link to the blog post is still correct, and Justice has not changed his comments.

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