The Coogs Go 13-0. Does Anyone Notice?

After their impressive win over East Carolina this weekend, talk in Cougar Town is that the team is set to run the table and go undefeated.

Such talk has occurred before, of course, like in 2009 when it beat Oklahoma State and a strong Texas Tech team early in the season, only to follow the Tech win with a loss to UTEP.

UH's schedule this year, though, is extremely favorable. Their next four games are Marshall, Rice, UAB and Tulane, all gimme wins unless they spit the bit.

Then comes a slightly rougher stretch of SMU, Tulsa and the C-USA title game, but still 13-0 is easily imaginable.

Which may be why going undefeated will do them little good.

There will be "BCS-buster" talk, of course, but anyone who doesn't bleed Cougar red (Hey, doesn't everybody?) will point to the schedule and laugh.

Not to mention the close calls that schedule has given them, with squeaker wins against Louisiana Tech and UTEP.

The only thing close to the sought-after "signature win"? Barely beating UCLA at Robertson Stadium. Texas killed UCLA this year, and the Longhorns' sad current status was on full display at the Cotton Bowl this past weekend.

So if -- and we're still in the school of saying "it's a big if" -- the Coogs do get through the rest of their schedule without a slip, where does that leave them?

On the outside looking in, we have to think. But it would make them more attractive to the Big East, if that conference hangs on as a football entity. Would it make a difference to the Big 12?

We still think the UT hate for UH will be too much to overcome.

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