The Cool Art Installation THE MAN Doesn't Want You To See

We all know artistic duo Dan Havel and Dean Ruck from their smash-hit Inversion installation at Art League Houston in 2005. Now, in conjunction with the new "No Zoning" show at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, they've created a project called Give and Take. But we're not allowed to tell you its address.

To make Give and Take, Havel and Ruck cut out a large section of the interior of a condemned bungalow in the Heights. "It's in the shape of a big ovaloid form, or an egg form," says Havel. "So we left basically a large opening, a large hole, within the interior of the house." Havel isn't sure exactly when, but the house will be demolished soon. This is the Give part of the project.

The Take part is what the artists removed from the bungalow. "We systematically saved the pieces and brought all the pieces to the Contemporary Arts Museum and reconstructed it, the interior of the house," says Havel. That piece will be on view at the museum through October.

Now, why can't we tell you where the house is? Havel says it was tagged as a dangerous building by the city a week ago. "We got found out," he says.

That doesn't mean you won't have the chance to see it. The artists are giving a tour of the bungalow tomorrow, and if you email Havel at [email protected], he will tell you how to get there. "I know it sounds clandestine," he says.

Totally! But to us, it also makes the whole thing that much cooler.

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Cathy Matusow
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