The Corrections

Well, one of the good things about this blog thingy is the opportunity to make corrections to mistakes that I have made. As such:

In my post on Mark Cuban, I stated that the Cubs had been only five outs from the 2004 World Series. That should, of course, have been the 2003 World Series.

In my post on Guy Lewis, I stated that he had taken four teams to the Final Four. That number should be five teams which he coached to the Final Four.

And speaking of the Guy Lewis post, it’s good to see that I’m not the only one taking exception to Van Chancellor making it into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Peter Vescey reports that there are many who consider this selection to be an insult to the game.

Now for the fun stuff.

I hate listening to Astros games while I’m driving. Primarily because that means I’m having to rely on Milo Hamilton, which means that I don’t know what’s going on because Milo doesn’t like to do pedestrian things like give the score, innings, outs, etc. Not when he can be doing fun things like talking about lunch. But, it was fun, on Sunday, listening to Milo welcome Vincent Chase and Associates, and Ari Gold and Company while he was doing the groups.

Shhhh….. Nobody tell him that those are characters from a TV show.

So, I see that David Carr signed with the Carolina Panthers. He will back up Jake Delhomme. Gee, let’s see. He’s going to a decent team, with a decent coach. Steve Smith is one of the best receivers in football. And the Panthers have a decent running game. I’m betting that Carr’s going to reach the playoffs before the Texans.

The Aggies appear to be upset at Billy Gillispie. Even non-Aggies are upset. He’s been called a liar, a traitor, a cheat, etc. Just because he backed out on a contract and signed to become the coach of the University of Kentucky Wildcats. They believe that once a guy’s under contract, then he should honor that contract. Here’s the thing. I don’t remember hearing these arguments from the Aggies when Gillispie broke his contract with UTEP to sign with the Aggies. And I especially don’t remember hearing these condemnations from Aggie fans when Dennis Franchione bolted the University of Alabama.

John Lennon did a song about this once. It’s called karma, bitches.

Now, unlike the Aggies, I don’t have a problem with Gillispie splitting for Kentucky. Kentucky is a mecca of college basketball. If he didn’t want to coach Kentucky, then he wasn’t worthy of being a big-time coach. And I feel like the Aggies are getting what they deserve. That’s what you get for recruiting coaches who are under contract at other schools. I do feel sorry for the players coached and recruited by Gillispie. They’re stuck at A&M. They just can’t leave without the risk of sitting out a year.

You know what the funny thing is? The Aggies are going to have to hire someone to replace Gillispie. And if the Aggies should hire a coach from another school, I really want to hear them talking about how wrong this process is, and about how the guy is a cheat and a liar. But I’m guessing that ain’t going to be happening. – John Royal

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