The County's Plans For The Astrodome, Revealed

A near-exhaustive investigation by the Houston Press has found that the county is about to announce its solution to one of the more annoying, intractable problems it faces: what to do with the empty, old Astrodome.

A lot of things have been proposed, but all have foundered on the rocks of economic realty. Now, though, the county is close to making public a plan that is not only entirely economically feasible, but promises to once again make the Dome a worldwide sensation.

For all the doubters out there who think a government agency can't come to a solid, mutually beneficial deal with an influential business owner, we give you two words: Tilman Fertitta.

The city of Houston is still patting itself on the back for making what some carpers called "a sweetheart deal to end all sweetheart deals" with Fertitta over his Aquarium restaurant. Aren't they?

No matter. Click on this week's cover story to get the scoop.


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