The Creationists Are Suing Up In Dallas

Unfair Park, the blog of our sister paper the Dallas Observer, has taken note of an 80-page federal lawsuit filed by a group up there called the Institution for Creation Research, a highly scientific organization that moved to Texas from California in order to spread the good word about how evolution is sooooooo stupid.

The ICR claims the State Board of Education violated their free-speech rights when they decided not to let ICR hand out graduate degrees in science. (A decision apparently based on the need for graduate degrees in science to have some relation to science.)

The entire suit is here, but here's a highlight:

"As a matter of institutional [ICR] has sincerely taught its students that the theory of evolution, and the proposed billions-of-years-old "geologic time," is 'science falsely so-called.'  1st Timothy 6:20...[ICR] simply agrees with, and thus adopts, the Bible-transmitted view of the aspostle Paul, who wrote that the natural creation so effectively displays proof of God's creatorship that anyone who rejects that evidence is 'without excuse.'"

So there! If the Bible says it, it must be so! It's science.

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