The DA Office's Exodus: And So It Begins

No matter what happens this fall, big changes are coming to the Harris County District Attorney's office.

For the first time since dinosaurs roamed the Earth, the office will not be headed by a card-carrying member of the good-ol'-boys who have been in charge. (Not counting interim DA Kenneth Magidson, in office until the new person takes over).

At some point longtime vets, wary of what will come under either Clarence Bradford (a Democrat!) or Pat Lykos (not well-liked!), are going to start storming out the doors.

And, it seems, the parade has begun.

Longtime prosecutor Ted Wilson announced his retirement today, after 35 years in the office.

"Ted Wilson has been a masterful 'bridge-builder' for this office," Magidson said. "He's represented this office well in legislative matters, worked with federal authorities, and worked with the state, the city and county."

Wilson, 62, did a little bit of everything at the office, at various times heading up the Major Fraud, Narcotics, Organized Crime and Major Offenders bureaus.

He says he'll lecture to law-enforcement groups around the country.

OK.......Who's next?

-- Richard Connelly

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