The Dallas Observer Learns About Interviewing Bill White

Our sister paper the Dallas Observer tagged along recently as Houston mayor Bill White visited a suburban deli and learned what it's like to deal with the generic, content-free answers the big man uses when he doesn't want to reply to what you're asking.

The headline? "Will Senate Hopeful Bill White Consider Jumping Into the Governor's Race if Kay Bailey Hutchison Keeps Her Seat? We're Still Not Sure, and We Asked Him Four Times."

"Houston Mayor Bill White's speech Saturday afternoon in Plano was initially as insipid as the front of the brochures handed out at the door touting his experience as a Sunday school teacher. "I'm here to work for you, and that's about it," White said at the Baker Bros American Deli on West Parker Road," the item began.

Reporter Sam Merten tried to find out what will happen if Kay Bailey Hutchison sees the tea-party writing on the wall and decides not to take on Rick Perry. The eventual answer he got: "You can ask me the same question five times, and I'm going to tell you what I think, which that I think she's going to do what she's said she's going to do, and I'm running for the senate."

The mayor then went on to describe how he will battle dropouts and bring a tone of civililty to Houston and zzzzzzzzzz.

White Fever: Catch It! Somehow!!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.