The Dames Will Be Dancing At Domy Books

Any fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 knows that some of the best bits came from watching the B&W short films. Whether it was the social-etiquette epic A Date With Your Family or an industrial film showing life on the farm or the latest in Space-Age Technology, the films were a hoot even without the commentary.

Cinema Bomar in Houston specializes in such 16-millimeter esoterica, and tonight at Domy Books it will be presenting a bunch of shorts specializing in, as the title so bluntly states, "Girls, Girls, Girls." It's a selection of musical shorts from the 1920s through the `50s.

Bad news: As the site says, "WARNING: These films are NOT pornographic." (You gotta love it when the warning is to tell people the movies aren't porn.) The slightly better news: "Some selections contain nudity."

Among the items to be seen at Domy Books tonight:

The Nautical Fantasy: From the 1930s, a two-minute film described as "An art-deco dream that begins with babies and ends with breasts."

Something to Adore, from the `50s: "Lotus Wing ('The Toast of Shanghai') does a classic and quite sensuous striptease in what appears to be a living room while an exotica record plays in the background."

Finally, there's Evolution of a Glamor Girl, no date given: "Featuring Nancy and Colleen. Sisters in lonely farmhouse are so delighted to find that their bottle of Hollywood Beauty Bath has finally arrived that they haul out the old washtub and put it to the test."

Hubba hubba!!

Admission is free, although they like donations to defray costs.

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Richard Connelly
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