The Definitive Anthology of Bobby Petrino's Affair with That Hot Volleyball Player

This past Sunday evening, after a quiet dinner at home, Arkansas head football coach Bobby Petrino decided to unwind by taking a leisurely ride on his motorcycle. Leisure nearly turned to tragedy as Petrino crashed the motorcycle in a story that, at the time, had a shelf life of about 15 minutes, mainly because the coach survived the crash with merely some cuts, nicks, bruises and broken bones (despite the wishes of the greater Atlanta and Louisville metropolitan areas).

Petrino was riding the bike without a helmet, which, as it turned out, wound up being only the second dumbest thing he was doing while cruising around on his crotch rocket. What follows is a chronological breakdown of the latest episode of Petrino scumbaggery and college football head coach hubris.

This is the "Definitive Anthology of Bobby Petrino's Affair with That Hot Volleyball Player":

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