The Disaster That Is College Station

Via Swamplot, we've learned that College Station is a disaster. On purpose.

Popular Mechanics offers a fascinating look at a 52-acre site near Aggieville that has been modeled to look like a town in the aftermath of a man-made or natural disaster.

Finally, there is Disaster City itself, the urban search-and-rescue training ground. If you save lives, this is where you come for your skills training, to learn Superman moves like breaching building structures--being able to go through walls--and shoring, to keep collapsing buildings upright long enough to save the people inside. This is the heart of the operation, where engineers spend months building disaster scenarios so chillingly accurate that they draw rescue workers from all over the world, because there's no other place that can match its infrastructure.

There's video and photos of the site, well worth checking out.

But this is about all Popular Mechanics has to say about the surroundings outside Disaster City:

The volunteers are going home, perhaps to brag to their families over dinner about how they were lifted out of a car dangling off a caved parking garage. Some still wear their moulaged bloody cheeks and popped femurs, walking down the street so they can spook passersby. The rescue workers are going out for pasta to replenish the energy they burned tossing rubble and lifting bodies. They know that as they hang out drinking cold beers, tearing at bread rolls with earned hunger, all across the planet fault lines are creeping toward rupture, storm systems are gathering darkly off blue oceans, and terrorists are devising sicker ways to kill people. So they train for it by reverse-engineering mayhem, by attempting to turn the unpredictable and unknowable into a science.

What? No mention of the disaster that is the Aggie football team?

Popular Mechanics, send yourself over to the FailBlog.

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