The Dome As A Movie Studio

The Dome As A Movie Studio

The Astrodome -- which never hosted as bad a late-game collapse as Reliant Stadium -- is still sitting forlornly in the shadow of the the new facility.

People are trying to turn it into a hotel, into a space museum, into just about anything. (Tearing it down, which seems the most logical choice, is not an option. No politician wants to call for tearing down the dear ol' Dome.)

How about making it...a movie studio?

Yeah, sounds crazy to us too.

But not to Cynthia Neely and Elise Hendrix, who are the founders of Astrodome Studios, a project that seeks to transform the stadium into a huge sound stage. (Didn't they try that in Brewster McCloud and it bombed?)

They're working with Lorrie Foreman, who helped convert the Compaq Center into Lakewood Church.

The plan is to transform the concourses of the Dome into office space for film-production companies; "the enormous ball field, left intact, will ultimately become the sound stage and event area," the plan says.

If you want to find out more, go to the Rice Media Center tomorrow. At 6:30 pm there's "mixing and mingling"; an hour later the project heads will tell you how all this is not only possible, but needs to be done.

-- Richard Connelly

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