It's a rare day, Aggie fan: You win, and Lomax salutes you.

The Earth Slips, A&M Wins

Given that Texas A&M has upset UT 12-7 on national TV, I had to call Press music editor/college pigskin pundit/bleedin'-orange-UT-fan John Nova Lomax and offer my condolences.

"Stick it up A&M's ass," he growled, spitting about the bogus interference call on Texas receiver Limas Sweed that killed a touchdown. Then, realizing he was on the record: "Once every 10 years the earth slips off its axis, and the Aggies take one."

In the end, Lomax was almost gracious. Almost. "How many times have the Aggies won in Austin? What is this, the ninth time in 80 years? Congrats, great win — couldn't have done it without the refs." — Steven Devadanam


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