The Economist Loves Texas And Houston, Unless Those Nasty Democratic Hispanics Take Over

Texas Republicans are buzzing over the latest issue of The Economist, the conservative British magazine that tends to get a lot of respect.

It contains a special report that can be summed up in four words: "Texas good, California bad."

Among the findings you might be surprised to learn, especially if you've been reading about the Houston Fire Department or HISD school board recently: There's no racism in Houston.

With vibrant Asian communities alongside its balanced Hispanic, white and black mix, with no discernible racial tensions, and with more foreign consulates than any American city except New York and Los Angeles, Houston is arguably America's most enthusiastically cosmopolitan city, a place where the future has already arrived.

Sounds like heaven!!

Texas' "boom" -- at least as compared to other states -- is because of its pro-business, low-tax philosophy nurtured by GOP statesmen of immense vision, the magazine reports.

It does mention that the state sucks in such things as education, or giving poor people health care.

It does so somewhat hilariously, in fact, in its summary. Essentially the only choices a state has is to be like Texas, and screw the poor, or be like California, and go bankrupt. And Texas will do the latter if -- horror of horrors!! -- the Hispanic population here continues to grow:

On recent trends, Hispanics will be the largest ethnic group in the state by 2015. Since they tend to vote Democratic, this has big implications for Texas's political make-up and for national politics. And an increasingly assertive Hispanic caucus, in an increasingly Democratic state, also seems sure to demand better schools and health care for the people it represents, who currently lag far behind the Anglos on any social indicator you care to name....

How Texas responds to these forces will determine its future. Get it right, and the state will remain business-friendly and globally competitive, with high employment and a rising standard of living. Get it wrong, and Texas could follow California (which "flipped" from Republican to Democratic control in part thanks to rapid immigration) down the road of high taxes and excessive regulation.

Damn those Hispanics and their representative government!!!!!

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