The Electronic Traveler: Apps I'll Be Using on My Upcoming Road Trip

I love a good road trip and over the next ten days, I'll be driving across the country for a family vacation. While I'm on the drive, I plan to use my iPhone extensively to help me along my way. I've done this in the past and it has made traveling a lot easier. But I'm not convinced what I have are the only apps out there that are useful. So I'm looking for help.

I intend to file some reports from the road on the apps I'm using and just how useful they are. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments. I'm looking for anything to make my drive, accommodations, dining experiences and the like more pleasurable.

But to get started, here is a list of the apps I intend to use.

Maps This is an obvious no-brainer. How we did without this app before the existence of smart phones, I can't remember. I suppose real maps, but still.

Instagram I plan on taking my 35mm camera, but nothing is as easy and fast as Instagram for logging your journeys with photos...and now video.

Weatherbug Weather is a big deal to me, so I'll be tracking everything from rain to tropical waves using Weatherbug, still my favorite weather app.

Yelp One of two apps I'll use primarily for food, but Yelp also comes in handy for finding all kinds of shops and services in strange cities.

Urbanspoon This is my go-to app for finding good food in a place I've never been or rarely go to. It has never failed me.

Waze Still the best traffic app, it has helped me figure out just how long I'll be stuck in a traffic jam and has even given me warning so I can avoid them.

FlightTrack Since my girlfriend will be joining me, but meeting me on the way, I'll be able to track her flight with the best flight-tracking app on the market...so I can be at the airport on time.

RoadAhead This is a particularly good road trip app giving details of what is to come in the exits ahead, like when I need snacks...or gas.

iHeartRadio There's something comforting about being able to hear radio from home when you are far away. iHeartRadio will give me the option to do just that.

HotelTonight I'm dying to try this app that helps you find cheap hotel room rates if you just need a one-night stay. Everyone says it works well. We'll see.

Let me know what else I should download!

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