The Electronic Traveler: Complaints About Google Maps and Facebook

Yes, I am one of those people with an iPhone who did not upgrade to iOS 6 simply because I enjoyed the standard Google Maps app. But on this road trip, I have to admit, there is one thing that drives me absolutely crazy: resizing the screen. While a tap focuses in closer and a tap of the arrow gets right down to the spot where you are, there isn't an easy way to zoom out.

Google says you can tap twice, but that has rarely worked for me and the pinch is a near impossibility when you are rolling down the highway. Yet it is a feature I desperately need quite often when I'm using it. I honestly have no idea if the new maps app in iOS delivers an easier or more effective method for zooming out, but they should, if for no other reason than safety. Of course, I probably shouldn't be resizing an app while I'm driving, either.

My other wag of the finger, as Stephen Colbert puts it, is for the Facebook app. I have a suspicion this may also be linked to my lack of an upgrade, but talk about a buggy mess. It takes forever to pull up even the timeline and when it does, it is out of order and awkward to use.

I've come to the conclusion that it is basically unusable on this version of my iPhone, but, so far at least, that alone has been unable to persuade me to upgrade. We'll see if I can't take it by the end of the trip.

Today I'll be spending time in our nation's capital and I plan to take advantage of a few apps during my visit. I'll let you know what worked and what didn't come Monday.

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