The Facebook Push Is On To Get UH In The Big 12

The Big 12, she ain't what she used to be. Nebraska and Colorado have left.

One of them should be replaced by the University of Houston, say two dozen Texas legislators in a letter to the Big 12 Commissioner.

Not only that -- State Rep. Garnett Coleman has started a Facebook page to push the matter. That's when you know things are serious.

The letter to the Big 12 makes this case:

For years, UH has served as the academic cornerstone of a burgeoning metropolis known for its nexus to state, national, and global commerce and culture. UH is the third largest university in Texas, and is on track to rank among the top research universities in this state. Despite UH's local and statewide prominence, the university does not belong to a strong BCS conference such as the Big 12. The Cougars, the City of Houston, and the State of Texas deserve better.
Take that, Conference USA.

"The University of Houston has shown the ability to compete on a national playing field and should be invited to join the Big 12," Coleman says on the Facebook page.

While there's always a lot of talk about Houston being a big TV market that any conference would love to add, the fact is most of the college-football-loving viewers of that market are watching UT or A&M, not UH. So we're not sure the Big 12 is going to be falling all over itself wooing the Coogs.

But it's worth the effort to ask, we guess.

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Richard Connelly
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