The Fascist/Socialist Conspiracy Squelches One Dedicated Beaumont Cop, Website Says

Courtesy of the The Examiner, "the independent voice of southeast Texas" -- in other words, we've never heard of it either -- comes the tale of one rogue Beaumont cop who refused to follow the so-called "rulebook" when it came to tracking down a dangerous threat to society.

In this case, the dangerous perp was Barack Obama.

As the Examiner tells the tale, Officer Ronald Dischler Sr. of the Beaumont Police Department agreed to tackle the earth-shattering case of whether Obama's birth certificate is real or not. (This is Wingnut 101 these days, along with calling him a "socialist" or a "fascist" interchangeably.)

We'll let the Examiner tell the tale. Dischler, they say: 

wrote in an e-mail to an activist blogger that he would undertake an investigation into allegations of criminal activity by the man elected the 44th president of the United States in November 2008.

The blogger, Dr. Orly Taitz, is a dentist in Mission Viejo, Calif., as well as a licensed attorney in that state who claims to represent former Ambassador Alan Keyes and more than 130 members of the U.S. military. Both Taitz and Dischler confirmed the authenticity of the e-mail exchanges in separate interviews with The Examiner.

Their correspondence, which took place at the end of March 2009, was initiated by Taitz in an effort to have the president investigated criminally for acts such as forgery, fraud and identity theft. Taitz told The Examiner she requested Dischler's assistance in obtaining "immediate investigation, subpoena of the records and prosecution to the full extent of the law" in matters related to Obama's legitimacy as President.

In his reply to Taitz, Dischler agreed to pursue the matter. "I have received your e-mail and I will use it to further my investigation into the Criminal matter concerning Barack Hussein Obama," Dischler wrote in his correspondence with Taitz, which became public when she posted it on her Web site, The Right Side of Life.

The site does exist, and seems to be consumed with the birth-certificate BS.

Beaumont police chief Frank Coffin told the Examiner any investigation into Obama's shady past has been halted.

"The Beaumont Police Department is not investigating the president," Coffin said. "We are right now taking a look into whether or not we will be investigating (Dischler)."

And the socialist/fascist/communist conspiracy takes another ugly step forward.

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