The Feds Hit Fort Bend County (Sorta) For Screwing Hispanic Voters

The U.S. Department of Justice has just about settled its claims that Fort Bend County discriminates against Hispanic voters. According to a lawsuit filed by the department, the county was first notified that it was violating federal voting laws in 2004.

Documents from the Justice Department that detail the agreement say the county must provide Spanish-language information to media that "exclusively or regularly publish or broadcast information in Spanish to the local population" and must hire poll workers who "understand, speak, write and read Spanish fluently."

The lawsuit also alleges that the county didn't allow provisional ballots or provide good training for poll workers.

The terms are pending approval from a federal judge, a Justice Department spokesperson says.

"It's in the hands of the judge now to approve it or not," Alejandro Miyar told Hair Balls, refusing to comment on the investigation or why it took so long to reach an agreement.  

Fort Bend Now apparently broke the story back in 2005 and has an article laying out the last four years of the Justice Department's investigation, calling it "one of the longest-running secret actions in county government history."

No one from Fort Bend County was available for comment because it's Good Friday and county offices are closed

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