The First Mayoral Ad: A Review

We have our first ad in the mayoral race!!

Peter Brown is up with a 30-second spot that will be running on local and cable channels.

What we take away from this ad:

1. Where's George Clinton? You are the only mayoral candidate in Houston history to be endorsed by P-Funk's George Clinton (actually, we still checking to see if Clinton didn't endorse Louie Welch) and you don't feature that? And we have to assume Clinton didn't write the background music here, which comes direct from the "inspirational candidate" file.

2. Peter Brown sure likes to point energetically. NFL ref Ed Hochuli doesn't signal first downs with the awesome power Brown demonstrates here by pointing things out to a construction crew. To further emphazise the issue, we see Brown pumping his fist or pointing to something two more times in the ad. Vote for Brown!! He's a pointer!!

3. There has been a major and highly secretive change to the space program. "Houston is reaching higher," we're told in the ad, as footage shows a space shuttle taking off...from Florida. Either Brown's running for mayor of Cape Canaveral or the mainstream media has refused to report on all those shuttle liftoffs in Houston.

4. Brown hates excessive spending so much he winces. Noticeably. We see him looking over some budget-type piece of paper, and he visibly winces before pointing (of course). the aide standing behind him wears a big smile throughout, so we're not sure how angry Brown actually is.

5. Who he looks like: We're going with old-time actor Raymond Massey, who played Abe Lincoln a couple of times. 

Although he's got a bit of Grand Moff Tarkin in him, too:

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.