The Five Best Uniforms in the History of Houston Sports

Being a longtime observer of Houston sports means that I’ve seen an awful lot of uniforms. Some good. Many bad. Here are what I consider to be the five best uniforms in Houston sports history.

5. Houston Astros, Road Uniforms, 1971-1974.

This one kind of gets lost when remembering Astros history. I guess you can call it the transitional uniform since this is where orange first becomes the team’s predominant color. When the team has throwbacks, they’ll sometimes trot out the Colt .45’s unis, or the original Astros unis, and they always, always, trot out the rainbows.

I like the simplicity of this uniform. There’s the orange hat with blue star. There’s the light gray uniform color with Houston printed in orange letters across the chest. The Astros logo is on the left shoulder.

4. Houston Oilers, Road Uniforms, 1972-1974.

The Oiler uniforms were never the most stylish. There’s just so much that can be done with Columbia blue, white and red.

That said, for a couple of years there, they had a road uniform combo that looked really nice with a Columbia blue helmet, white jerseys with Columbia blue numbers outlined in red, and Columbia blue pants.

3. Houston Rockets, Home Uniforms, Current.

Anything was an improvement over those pajama things with the stupid logo they wore from 1995 until moving to Toyota Center. But I really like these.

I like the font where the R looks like a rocket lifting off. I like the red stripes on the shorts and the red circle stripes on the jersey.

2. Houston Astros, Home Uniforms, 1994-1999.

For a team that has had some of the ugliest uniforms ever known to sports, the Astros have also had some really nice ones.

Like this. It’s a simple look. Spare. And clean.

There are no stripes on the pants or the jersey. The team name is written across the front with a slightly italicized block font with the tilted star coming out of the letter O. And I really liked the blue caps with the tilted, open star.

1. Houston Astros, Home Alternate Uniform, 2000- Present.

The Astros should make this their normal uniform instead of that ugly brown pinstripe thing. This one is clean and simple and elegant.

There’s the red hat. The red script lettering across the front of the jersey with the number right below. The black belt. The thin stripe down the pant leg. There’s a classy, old-time baseball look to it. I’m a big fan. -- John Royal

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