The Five Creepiest Moments of the Warren Jeffs Sex Tapes

The court that convicted Warren Jeffs has released the tapes played during his child-rape trial, of him lecturing girls and women on why they need to have sex with him.

The tapes caused at least one juror to break into tears. The incredibly slimy voice of Jeffs ranges from a whisper to preacher-like intonations as he goes on (and on) about some interpretation of the Bible that requires him to have lots and lots of sex with women.

The five creepiest quotes:

5. "You ladies just don't know how men out in the world are" Yes, they're not like the psychopaths you find in here. And by "in here" I mean in this room where I'm speaking. Not to put too fine a point on it, I mean me.

4. "You have been trained to keep you body covered from others when I am not present. You need to be as comfortable undressed as dressed when you are around each other" It's God's way, people.

3. "I am very merry. All I am interested in is learning more of the spirit and your relationship with me is for that very thing and we will be together to feel the heavenly fire accomplish the Lords love and nothing less" When you think of the word "merry," you picture Warren Jeffs, the life of any party. Any party that involves coerced sex with underage girls.

2 "Verily, thus sayeth the Lord unto you you my servant Warren: I, the Lord thy God, look upon thee at this time and my smile shines upon thee and these my daughters who are with me" The Lord thy God, big pimpin'.

1. "'How can the spirit of God be here if there's something wrong here?" Guess what, Warren: There's no spirit of God there.

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