The Five Worst Movies Being Shown On The International Space Station

Maybe this has come out before -- the list seems to be a year old -- but we noticed today a story in the British paper The Guardian about the list of DVDs NASA has provided to the International Space Station.

The actual list is here, released under the Freedom of Information Act. Movies are apparently selected by the crews, so they reveal the taste of NASA nerds.

There's the usual space stuff on there, but the list also includes some head-scratchers. For instance, there's Harold & Kumar, says NASA (not specifying which one)...are we sending a bunch of weed-heads up to space? Is that what our tax dollars are doing?!?!? Stern letter to follow.

Here, though, are the five absolute worst movies included in the Space Station's DVD library. You'd have to be awfully, awfully bored with the wonder of space to watch any of these:

1. 50 First Dates: Adam Sandler!! Drew Barrymore!! What could go wrong? Plenty. We think we'd prefer watching the Indian sub-continent go by for the 5,397th time than watch this thing.

2. Music & Lyrics: All right, we're officially a little worried now about one astronaut's seeming quest to watch any Drew Barrymore movie, no matter how bad. Especially if he/she needs "a little private time" after each viewing.

3. A Christmas Story: Good Lord, you mean you can't get away from this even if you're in space? Gee, do they run endless marathons of it up there, too?

4. Bachelor Party: OK, we know Tom Hanks is a big supporter of NASA. But we don't think even Tom Hanks stops for a brief second on this movie if he's channel-surfing. Adrian Zmed probably has his DVR set to record every showing, though.

5. Bad Boys and Bad Boys II: What, they actually made a sequel to Bad Boys? And someone thought it was good enough to make the cut of 150 titles on the ISS? Talk about going boldly where no man has gone before.

Bonus: Bicentennial Man. "I'll be darned if I can think of a more excruciating, ponderous, remarkably unfunny and inert cinemagoing experience to come down the pike in ages!!" -- Stephen Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer

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