The Former Chron Employees' List, So Far (Updated April 3)

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So far we've been limiting our list of laid-off Chron people to names readers might recognize; we've heard from some current and ex-Chronsters that they'd like a master list, since no centralized information is coming anywhere else.

With that in mind, here's what we've heard so far. Other names are still to come (we believe a lot more copy-editing types are victims, as all the separate departments' copy desks are rolled into one), and if there are any mistakes on the list we'll be happy to fix it. Severance package includes two weeks' pay for every year of employment, up to a year's worth of salary.

Note: The "90 positions" that have been talked about include people who left earlier than the current round included in the list below and budgeted positions left empty or not filled after someone left.

News Desk:
Mark Carreau, NASA beat (Which apparently is now Eric Berger's responsibility, in addition to everything else he covers)
Alan Russell Dennis
David Ellison
Jennifer Leahy
Pete McConnell, suburban editor
Bill Murphy
Rosanna Ruiz, Metro beat
Richard Stewart, known for his East Texas bureau years
Neil Stratton

Business Desk:
Lynn Cook, oil beat
Jessica Creighton, copy editor
Brad Hem, technology beat
Bill Hensel, Continental Airlines beat
Ken Lanterman, assistant business editor
Joe Markman, page designer

Austin Bureau:
Janet Elliott
Clay Robison

Curt Baltzley, copy editor
Fran Blinebury, former columnist
Justin Boyd, online editor
Moisekapenda Bower, Rice
Cat Corley, secretary
Terrance Harris, TSU
Gerald James (He's still there; our apologies and congrats.)
Michael Murphy, UH (Rice, TSU & UH?: Bye-bye local college coverage!!)
Freddie Willis

Barbara Karkabi, feature writer
Fritz Lanham, book editor
Mike McDaniel, television
Clifford Pugh, fashion/society/entertainment
Olaya Robles

Copy Desk/Editors/Editorial/PhotographyOther:
Tracy Barnett, travel editor
Bob Becker, copy editor/wire editor
Veronica Bucio, editorial
Steve Campbell, photographer
Joe Conway, online editor (Conway did not take a buyout; he instead resigned of his own free will. We apologize for the mistake.)
Henry Davis, graphics designer
Laurie DeLeon, La Voz
Robert Dibrell, graphics designer
Jared Evans, graphic designer
Ken Fountain, online editor
Sam Gaytan, online editor
Maria Garcia Gonzales, La Voz
Ari Gonzales. IT tech
Dai Huynh, food writer
Eric Kayne, photographer
Claudia Kolker, editorial
Edwin Louie, graphic designer
Christina Marentes
Pat McClure, copy editor
Emily Morris, copy editor
Cristi Parker, copy editor
The Pham, photography department
Allan Schilling, weekend news editor
Jorge Luis Sierra, La Voz
Chris Shively, foreign/national desk editor
Brenda Beust Smith, Lazy Gardener columnist
Sharon Steinman, photographer
Darlene Stinson, Sunday/weekend editor
Carla Torres, copy editor
Barbara Tsafantakis, photography department
Lee Warren, copy editor/online reader comments

Suburban Desks:
Richard Brown, suburban new editor
Anngela Buck, secretary
Richard Dean, sports suburban section editor
Kyle Fake, copy editor
Betty Martin, reporter
Johnny Pena, online editor
Kimberly Stauffer, reporter

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.